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Read the manual here, which is also available inside iClip from its Help menu.

Or download the manual in PDF format for easier offline reading.

Other languages

Read the manual in a different languages, auto translated by Google:

(You may open either of the above links and choose another language at the top)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Runtime Error in macOS Big Sur

If you get this error, you have been using an outdated version of iClip.

Please download the latest version from http://iclipapp.com (big green button) and place it into your Applications folder, replacing the old one.

The double click it to open it.

Also, please make sure you allow for update checks in the future by checking the option in iClip's preferences.

Transfer your clippings to another computer

Automatically copy selected text to iClip

@macautotips writes how to accomplish this with the help of Keyboard Maestro: Automatically Copy Selected Text with Keyboard Maestro and iClip.

Quickly switch between Clip Sets

In iClip's Preferences, under Hot Keys, you can set up various "Switch to" hot keys.

Alternatively, if you have Keyboard Maestro, you can have even more control over this, defining other triggers and selecting specific Clip Sets. See this tweet.

Import your clippings from iClipboard

If you have used Chronos iClipboard 5 or 6 before, see here for importing the clippings into iClip.

Paste may not work since macOS 10.14 (Mojave) any more

Thanks to Apple's Security Measures, you need to take extra steps to allow iClip to work fully.

See this help article for instructions to make Paste work again.

Text needs to be larger, e.g. due to decreased eyesight

You can adjust iClip to show the text in bins, previews and menus in a larger font.

See this help article for instructions to make the text in iClip appear in a bigger font.

Why won't the iClip window hide even though I have iClip configured to "automatically show and hide"?

If you click the iClip menu bar icon to show iClip*, the iClip window will not hide until you click the iClip menu bar icon again*, even with "automatically show/hide" enabled. This is by design. Once iClip is hidden, auto show/hide will work as expected.

Alternatively, you can show and hide iClip by pressing the the hotkey (if configured), or by opening the app again (with Spotlight or by double-clicking the app icon).

How do I copy full-size pictures from Photos.app?

Apple's new Photos app makes it difficult to copy and paste pictures from the album. If you select and copy a picture from Photos, it'll appear in iClip, but as a Photos thumbnail instead of as a Picture clipping. Pasting such a Photos thumbnail into another application may not work, either, and if it works, it will be rather small.

The solution is to drag the pictures from Photos into iClip instead of using the Copy command. If you drag a picture, you will get the original, full-sized, picture, not the thumbnail. You can either drag the pictures into a bin, replacing its content, or drag them into iClip's [+] button at the botton or right, in order to place the pictures into a fresh bin. Alternatively, instead of dragging items onto the [+] button, you may also drag them onto iClip's icon in the menu bar for the same effect.

Why do I hear a sound every time I copy something to the clipboard?

When you upgraded from iClip 5.1.x to iClip 5.2, you'll start hearing a "whit" sound every time you copy something. That sound is made after iClip has detected that something has been copyied into the clipboard and has added it to iClip. To turn this sound off, open iClip's Preferences via its menu and uncheck the Play Sounds when iClip records and pastes clippings box under the Miscellaneous tab.

You can also customize the sounds.

Known Issues


While copying or cutting in Photoshop, you might notice that new clippings do not show up in the iClip Recorder. This is because Photoshop does not transfer the copied data to the clipboard unless Photoshop is made inactive, meaning that you bring another program to the front. Photoshop tries to be smart, avoiding filling the clipboard when it believes that it's the only app needing it - only when you switch to another app, it thinks it needs to fill the clipboard to provide the data to the other apps. Sadly, this is not the way Apple wants apps to do this, and iClip suffers as a result.

Microsoft Office

When copying text with embedded pictures from Word or Excel, they may not paste into non-Office apps correctly - often, the images will be missing. This is a common problem with Microsoft apps and is unrelated to iClip. To work around this, copy text and images separately.

Copied (app)

If you use the app Copied along with iClip, iClip may record clips twice. We currently have no solution to avoid this, but are in contact with Copied's author to resolve this (Aug 2020).

Previous iClip Versions

You may download older versions here. Note that these may not work well on recent Mac OS X versions any more, though:

Further Help articles