Version 5.2.5b5

  • Changed: The name overlay has been made a bit more transparent. Let me know how you like it, especially if you don't like it.
  • New: Hot Click "Show/hide name overlay".
  • Fixed: Multi-Item text clippings show text of all items in Preview.
  • Scripting improvements:
    • Fixed: 'text content' of 'clipping' class returns text of all items combined.
    • Fixed: 'move' command for bins can now move past the bin following the last bin.
    • New: 'text items separator' in 'application' class.
    • New: 'recording target' in 'application' class.
    • New: 'last used bin position' in 'clip set' class.
    • New: 'clip item' class responds to 'delete', 'clear', 'make' and 'duplicate' commands.
    • New: 'clipping' class responds to 'clear' command.
    • New: 'make' and 'duplicate' commands for 'clipping' class accept a 'clip item' for initialization.

Version 5.2.5b4

  • New: Adds hidden prefs for overriding the background color of Popup Preview windows and the transparency of Styled and HTML previews ("Popup Preview bg color", "Popup Preview bg opaque", optionally followed by either " Web clipping" or " Styled text clipping").
  • Improved: Updates Help for Preferences, explaining the Show/Hide checkbox and hot key better.
  • Fixed: Prevents crash when showing Trial Reminder at startup with the new "Record to Active Clip Set" option enabled.

Version 5.2.5b3

  • Fixed: Clips from the app InShort now show a preview instead of just a "?".

Version 5.2.5b2

  • New: iClip can now record new clippings (from a Copy command) to the active Clip Set instead of the Recorder. This is still experimental. If you're interested, please contact for instructions to enable this feature.

Version 5.2.5b1

  • New: Multiple Paste mode (via Hot Key or shift+option click onto menu bar icon).
  • New: Hot Clicks for moving and copying a clip to a different Clip Set.
  • New: Scripts that calculate the math result of a clip and either append or replace the result.
  • Fixed: Using the Copy command in an application, then quickly switching to another app, won't switch back to the previous app any more.
  • Fixed: Lists 1Password again in the Excluded Apps preferences. Also adds a Defaults button to reset the apps to iClip's suggestion.
  • Fixed: Undo now works on clippings modified by manually invoked scripts.
  • Fixed: Hot Clicks preferences expand & collapse correctly again.
  • Fixed: Avoids a potential crash when switching clipping sets via Hot Key.
  • Improved: When switching to another Clip Set via the pop-up menu, iClip won't automatically hide any more.
  • Improved: Help was updated with the new Hot Click and Hot Key features.